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Linux VPS Server

With sizeable years of web hosting experience, we have made it our mission to provide the most sought after and affordable linux VPS hosting in Delhi. We are vastly experienced and our expertise lies in offering the best linux virtual private server in India to suit the individual needs of our clients. The Linux servers that we have are programmed to support all the major web programming languages such as PHP, CGI, Perl, Python, including extensive support for MySQL databases. We are also providing domain registration services with some excellent packages. We will make sure that when you avail the services through us, there is no reason for you to look anywhere else.


Plans CPU Cores RAM Hard Disk Bandwidth Price / Month Buy Now
LU-VPS-EU-1 1 1 GB 25 GB SSD 2 TB 600 / 10 Configure
LU-VPS-EU-2 2 2 GB 50 GB SSD 5 TB 1000 / 16 Configure
LU-VPS-EU-3 2 4 GB 100 GB SSD 8 TB 2000 / 32 Configure
LU-VPS-EU-4 2 6 GB 500 GB HDD Unlimited 1500 / 24 Configure
LU-VPS-EU-5 2 8 GB 200 GB SSD 10 TB 3000 / 47 Configure
LU-VPS-EU-6 4 16 GB 400 GB SSD 20 TB 4000 / 63 Configure
LU-VPS-EU-7 4 14 GB 1000 GB HDD Unlimited 2000 / 32 Configure
LU-VPS-EU-8 4 12 GB 300 GB SSD Unlimited 1500 / 24 Configure
LU-VPS-EU-9 6 30 GB 2000 GB HDD Unlimited 3000 / 47 Configure
LU-VPS-US-10 6 24 GB 600 GB SSD Unlimited 2000 / 32 Configure
LU-VPS-EU-11 8 32 GB 600 GB SSD 30 TB 7000 / 110 Configure
LU-VPS-EU-12 10 50 GB 1200 GB SSD Unlimited 5000 / 79 Configure
LU-VPS-US-13 16 18 GB 400 GB SSD Unlimited 5000 / 79 Configure
Note : EU = Europe Datacenter, US = USA Datacenter


Full root
OS reinstall
on Request
Free IP
No minimum
contract period
As Per Plan

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testimonials client

Global Customize

Very fast and excellent service, friendly people to do business with. Thanks Manish for your hard work. I really appreciate your continuous efforts.

testimonials clients

Dipesh Sabharwal

Ajit and his team are highly professional, knowledgeable and helpful. We love our TTS website and thank for their generosity, excellent customer service and follow up. Thanks Ajit and Shweta for your work.

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Akash Pandey

I have purchased Transaction SMS, Easy to setup API. Very fast delivery . High reliability. Resolving the issues in short time is appreciable.

client testimonial

Amardeep Singh

We have purchased transnational and promotional SMS gateway. Their service is really good and we have very good experience with sales and support team. Specially my sales manager Ms. Suman Sonkar is very cooperative person. She is always available for help and support.

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